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Lotusphere 2009: Bloggers Lounge?

There have been several mentions in the community about how awesome it would be to have a Bloggers Lounge at Lotusphere 2009 - a dedicated room where us bloggers could camp out, meet readers (hell, meet each other), and all-around get our geek-on. Here are some random thoughts about just what we - the IBM/Lotus Blogging Community - could do with such a dedicated room:

  • Make it one of the conference rooms, and have all Blogger-speakers give their presentations there.
    This would take some coordination - sure - but if you think about it... it could totally rock! Have a conflict, book the nearest room, etc.
  • Wire the room with Internet connectivity!
    Not too sure this warrants any further explanation - I mean, let us market how much fun we're having and how much we're learning by getting us out to the web.
  • Podcasting
    I know Tim and I would love to put on a live show, as I'm certain would the rest of the IBM/Lotus podcasters. You could make these mini-events scheduled during room-session "off time".
  • One-stop groupie shopping!
    Most of the Rockstar-status people that you know you want to have facetime with are - ironically enough - in the blogging community.

Now, there are tons of other thoughts banging around in my head about how awesome this could be... but I want to hear from you - what would you like to see in a Bloggers Lounge at Lotusphere 2009? Perhaps the right people (say, those who could organize such a thing) could be reading...

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