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Freeware Domino Application Updates in the pipeline

Thought I would discuss a few things that I'm looking to deliver in the next-round releases of the freeware/tipjar-ware that I've been putting out lately:

  • SOTU
    • Better response logging - this is a must have as far as I'm concerned
    • Allowing type-in command or Command Document selection based on User Roles
    • Locking down Servers or Commands with Reader fields
    • Web Browser Front End
    • Mobile Browser Front End
  • xCopy
    • Schedule Engine
    • xCopy Logic Engine
    • xCopy Job Collections - the ability to say run this assigned collection of Jobs
    • Better Transaction Logging
    • Multi-OS Support
  • Zephyr
    • HTML-based Email Bodies
    • Optional in-line Formula evaluations
    • Schedule Engine
    • Porting of the current notification engine to a tighter, custom Class-based architecture
  • MatchMaker
    • Create View-Free Data Architecture
    • Configuration-based "at will" data relationship indexing.
    • Crawler and Indexing Schedule Engine
  • Junction Lite
    • Freeware/Open Source version of Clearframe's Junction - a configurable data conduit/middleware utility.
  • E.T. - this one's new on the list as of today...
    • Cisco WebDialer plug-in for Lotus Notes
    • Right-click Menu click-to-dial via Widget
    • Phonepad Sidebar Widget

If anyone has any suggestions, requests, etc. - please let me know in the comments.

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