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Poll: How many of us need to develop multilingual UIs for our Lotus Notes and/or Domino Applications?

My current 40+ Hours/Week Customer happens to be a larger and globally dispersed Notes Shop. In my going-on-two-years with this customer, I have yet to have a project where one of the requirements were multilingual user interfaces for a given Lotus Notes or Domino Application. Now, there are applications that span multiple countries and regions... but we've always just gone with English-based UIs.

So... do you have to deal with supporting multiple languages in your Lotus Notes and/or Domino Applications? If so, what is your preferred method?

I'll share mine once/if we get a few answers, and you can leave your answer in the comments section - but I'll give you a quick preview:

For Lotus Notes Client Applications:

For Forms this is easy - a simple hidden field that renders a key:translation paired list of all defined translations. Then, each UI component does a lookup to that field and renders the translation.

The problem I've run into in the past is Views - specifically View Columns...

For Domino / Browser Client Applications:

I tend to "roll my own", so this really isn't a problem. Forms are handled the same way, as are Views: I typically have my markup View tables render without headers and footers, which I add via Computed Subform logic in the ViewTemplate for my particular View.

I will elaborate more on this in the follow-up article...

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