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Lotus Remote Residency / Wiki Deliverable - Best Practices for Building Web Applications for Domino 8.5

This residency begins 19 Oct 2009, ends 11 Dec 2009 (8 weeks), and requires 8 residents. The residency is a remote effort, enabling all participants to work from their primary work location.

Having participated in the first Lotus Remote Residency, I'd recommend you sign up - you not only get the opportunity to share what you know (read: SME recognition), but you also get to work with some of the best and brightest in the community. I've made long-lasting connections with both my fellow residency members as well as see a lot of referrals even today coming from my bio page in the wiki.

Specific topics the residency will cover include:

  • High level introduction of XPages.
  • Introduction to the value of Domino as a Web app platform and Designer as the tool for building those apps.
  • Review of the underlying technologies and skills required to build a Domino web app using XPages. Will also include a focus on JSF and Dojo.
  • Best practices approach to Domino web application development, including an MVC architecture approach.
  • Understanding Domino design elements, specifically focusing on XPages and other design elements pertinent in an XPage built app.
  • Sample of building a Domino web app from scratch which illustrates how to use XPages.
  • Building workflow into the web application.
  • Modernizing existing applications - focusing on conversion of Notes client apps to XPages as well as modernizing Domino Web apps built on the classic technology.
  • Server Configuration, with special focus on clustering and other new settings related to XPages 8.0 resources.

IBMers, Business Partners, and Customers can apply for this residency by visiting dents.nsf/50da6a28780ffa688525701b004a4f21/027d19083bd74e6985257638006546e1?Open Document

And if you have any questions about time commitments, what you need to bring to the table, or anything that I as a former remote residency participant can either answer or get answered, leave a comment in this post or email me at!

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