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Dashboard Update, MySpace, and some other updates

I've been working on the Dashboard during the "downtime" between the projects that I've been working on, and I'm making some real progress. I've decided that, instead of just giving you a simple example of what can be by adopting the method I mentioned the other day, that I would work on a fully-functional application that will soon be available for download here.

Dashboard: Lotus Notes Composite Application Example

As for what's in the application - User-specific, user-and-admin-defined Dashboard configurations, which will allow you to pre-configure a standard and preload elective Dashboard content. From what I've done so far, I've gotta say that it's pretty slick, but I'm still playing around with giving you some preloaded integrated solutions such as FusionCharts - which is a really slick, fully functional Flash charting solution.

I've been playing around with MySpace lately, my page for those inclined, as well as Facebook (here), and a few others that I'm quite frankly too lazy to grab the links to right now (read: not important enough to mention). Each have their own pros and cons, but I like a few things that are available with MySpace:

Send me an IM!

I've setup, as you may tell from above, MySpace IM, and still playing around with the client. It's simple enough - a pretty standard IM client - but consider it Yet Another Way To Contact Me!

This weekend, I got to play around with new phones that I picked up for the family: the Pantech c300 and the Samsung Sync (SGH-A707) (Red). The Pantech is nice is all-you-want-is-a-phone, and a small one at that. The Sync - how can you tout a phone as a Mobile/DAP convergence device and not include a USB sync cable! Great phone though... but I think the need to buy some accessories that IMHO should have come in-the-box is a big turn-off for me. Oh well, both were free with a contract renew/"device upgrade".

I have a long-winded story rant about dealing with AT&T, but I'll get into that later...

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