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Cingular's Nokia e62.... in the flesh!

Cingular's Nokia e62 So yesterday, while killing some time at the local mall, I happenned into the Cingular store. I noticed that they had a brand new Nokia e62 series phone on display, so I shot right over to it to start drooling. At first, I thought that it was a mock-up due to it's featherweight and plastic feel... but clicking a few of the tactile buttons showed me that this was the full-working model that I held in my hands - and like all devices (eventually), I found my first of many "oh they screwed that one up".

See, this phone to me (aside from Cingular dropping the Wifi before releasing it - see the Nokia e61 for the Wifi-enabled model, which you can find for the same price as the still-in-contract price of $381.00-something) is an excellent example of something that I thought would be better than it is - the phone felt flimsy to me (due to the weight I think) and I like the surety of weight when dealing with a phone/gadget.

Still, it's featureset is mighty impressive, and at $150 2-year-contract-pricing, I'm seriously considering asking Cingular to let me pick one up for the contract-price if for nothing more than grabbing a decent SymbianOS phone. That, and my Cingular 8125 (onto my second one - the screen went on the first) is starting to loose it's gleam...

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