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A few updates!

Well, it's Friday after a small stop in the postings - I'm finally able to come up for some air! I thought I would mention a few misc. items as well as share some interesting links - all in time for a Friday browsings!

First, my son (Christopher, 3) just had his tonsils and adenoids removed - and he's already doing much better. What amazed me the most was the outpouring of support we received from our neighbors! People that I know-enough-to-wave to came out in droves to show support, two neighbors in particular even going as far as make and send over dinner (knowing that my wife was at the hospital while I was home with my two other children) - it amazes me that people can be so good and kindhearted... it certainly makes me feel good knowing that I can call these people "friend".

It's been a week to say the least at the Toohey household - Holly, our 16 month old Bernese Mountain Dog came down with a hotspot (read: very bad skin irritation/rash/etc.). The next day, she couldn't walk and needed to be carried to her "spot" outside to... (you get the picture). We found that she tested positive for Lyme, and are currently nursing her back to health. One day she was fine - we've never seen a tick on her - then one morning she couldn't move. She's doing much better now, as she's taking meds which have brought her back to her old self!

And now... onto some geek-related items...

Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt Energy DrinkTired of making straight-to-the-dollar-store-DVDs, Steven Seagal seems to have departed from the realm of 3-word-titled movies and has released his own energy drink. I guess he figured if Paul Newman can have his own salad dressing and Sly can have his own pudding... anything's game?!

I think I'll stick with my Monster. I've pounded so many of them lately that I should add them to the My Gear section!

And speaking of adding things... something that you may not have noticed in the past with Domino-generated HTML (the bane of my existence):

Say you create a combobox, and display it via the web. In the following image I've set 1:2:3 as values for my dropdown:

This will result in the following Domino-generated HTML:

<select name="combobox">

This produces an options list with just labels. Oh, it'll work, but if you're using Javascript for validation, it'll take some extra steps. Now, by simply adding the aliases to the options (see image below)...

... your Domino-generated options will now include the value parameter:

<select name="combobox_withalias">
<option value="1">1
<option value="2">2
<option value="3">3</select>

Very simple, yet one of those things that are typically overlooked!

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