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YellowCast News - Episode 6, New Format, New Look, New Voicemail, and a Blackberry Tip!

Tim and I - after way too long away from the microphone - returned to the whole podcasting thing with a brand new episode: Episode 6 - Going Biblical.

This episode marks a few "new" things to the show. First and foremost - a change in format on the "regular" episodes. We're going to keep things (hopefully) to around the 30-45 minute mark for the "regular" episodes. We also plan on producing what we're calling "deep dive" shows: episodes that will run 1 hour+, and speak to a single development topic. This way, you get your short-dose of what we hope is an educational, enlightening, and fun show and you can skip the longer "deep dive" episodes without fear that you'll lose out on the general flow of the shows should you not be interested in the given topic.

Along with this change in format, we have a change in Album Art/Logo for the show!

The original Album Art/Logo - in case I didn't mention this before - was generously created by Nathan T Freeman. The yellow planet wearing headphones is/was awesome, but we thought a little branding and personalization couldn't hurt. So, with Gimp, FaceYourManga, and Nathan's original... - IBM 
Lotus Notes and Domino Development Deep-Dive Podcast!

Along with this new Album Art/Logo, we modified/improved the actual website. has a slightly improved visual layout, works in multiple browsers, and hopefully is good enough to do what it needs to do: act as a simple landing pad for an audio podcast!

Lastly, we have a new voicemail line for YellowCast. We're sticking with Snapvine, which is a service that I'm liking more and more for this sort of thing as it allows you to instantly hear listener feedback as we do! Y'know... kinda like immediate collaboration with your fellow listeners.

That line - as they don't allow (from what I can tell) a direct line or vanity number - is 1-(206)-777-0137 *6632980. Now, since the majority of us have Blackberry and other Convergence-Device Smart Phones, I thought I'd share a little tip that was originally covered by way back in February 2006: In sert Pause for Easier dialing.

I've added a contact to my Blackberry and set the Y Speed Dial to the folllowing:

The pause allows me to use the speed dialing feature without the need to memorize that horrid account number. The phone dials the first part of the number, pauses, and cuts-off the automated greeting in mid-sentence to enter the account number!

I've just successfully completed two test runs of this technique, and - like you - can now effortlessly leave voicemails for the show! And feedback rocks... so if you're a fanboy, fangirl, have something to say, or just want to try out the pause feature - give it a try!

Later this week, I plan on showing off some of the guts of Showtime, my Lotus Notes Client-based Channel and Message Push Blackberry Enterprise Server MDS Utility... which is coming along quite nicely. I would like to shoot for having "alpha testers" sometime before the end of the month. I'll post a "Sign here, all ye who want to blow up your BES environments" sign-up entry when that time gets closer, but it's something to keep your eye out for if you're interested!

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