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Revisited: Preferences via Logic-Driven NotesDocument UNID

IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Developers and Designers heed my warning -- you are doing it wrong! DBLookups, Profile Documents, and hard-coded variables will kill your NotesDatabase applications once they are in-use. There is however, a simple solution...

It was September of 2008, and I was on a kick: Logic-Driven NotesDocument UNIDs.

You may also remember this video tutorial/demo:

Which also came with this example download:

- Example Application Download

So, I ask you -- are you using this technique today in your IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Development efforts?

I am.

You'll find it in Junction Lite and Mailer, and every app I've written since then that needed configuration and that I wanted to allow a power user or product champion to evolve alongside their business needs to ensure that the application -- and by extension, Lotus Notes Domino -- has a long and healthy life inside those organizations.

I'm using this technique in my XPages application development practice in the same way. Sure, we have Scoped Variables, but my apps still need to evolve with the business, and XPages can just as easily (if not more easily) adopt this exact technique and be used to write to those variables.

I know, because that's what I'm doing.

And I know, because it works.

Really well.

So consider this revisited tutorial and testimonial for this technique a primer for an upcoming article.

And I'm curious; are you using this technique? Let me know via comments below.

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