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It was about a month since I had launched the Designer client...

... to do any sort of development - that is, while onsite with one of my current customers. The management/team-lead end of the spectrum has kept me out of the day-to-day coding - my development time has been spent in the development of Standard Operating Proceedures, Policies, et al. Now while this is certainly something that's required, every once in a while I like to jump back into a few things - the cool projects - the things that catch my eye.

One such project has recently come up that's just got me salivating - the consolidation and update (technology and featureset-wise) of the various corporate portals into one meta-extranet. Very fun project, and it allows me to really delve into some Web 2.0 Ajaxian functionality that, while I've been playing with such, I haven't had the opportunity to utilize the methods and approaches until just now. So - I'm psyched!

Also, based on the last "site poll" (which reminds me, I need to write a true polling feature into this template...), the majority of us are doing a lot more Notes client development than we are Domino web development... so I want to get back to providing a few tips and tricks in that area as well over the next few days/weeks. I have a few ideas, that being said, which I hope to get the time to get together into something more than the unformed blob that it is now...

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