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Hello World v3.0! (or *not* how I wanted to spend my last few days...) takes shape after a mad-dash redesign effort. The content was -- thankfully -- saved, and that's what you're really here for anyway right?! While I'll go into a deeper technical dive once I get things polished off, I thought I'd include an overview of what I'm looking to do here now that this website has been running for over seven years (since 2002)!

First, a word about backing up templates/designs. Dear reader, I know that you're more tech-savvy and less likely to be defeated by technology and hyperwebs than me, but I thought I would give you a small but useful bit of advice.

Backup everything!

... otherwise you'll find yourself without a website after accidentally replacing (and then replicating) the NotesDatabase that runs your site with the Personal Journal Template.

-- in fact, I'll be right back (just going to do another backup). While I'm gone, check out this video from the LotusIDC:


Welcome back! I've made backups to memory sticks, CDs, network shares, local DB copies, NotesTemplate copies, and even restocked Jobu's rum -- I don't want to go through that again!

You'll notice a few changes in the site overall. Some you will hopefully like, and I hope we're friends enough that you'll candidly tell me about those that you don't.

One thing that you can help me out with big time: for those of you accessing this site via RSS, can you please change your readers/subscriptions to

Other than that, please play around and let me know what you think. I'll be working on the navigation of older content - which hasn't been done yet - but am totally open to suggestions on not only the content that you want to see here, but also the features and design of the website where you get it!

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