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Rejected, Postponed, but Optimistic

Man - yesterday was like the worst day I've ever had getting emails from IBM domains...

First, as those who follow my babble on Twitter may already know, I was denied 4 times by the Lotusphere 2009 Content Team. No sour grapes however - seeing all of the amazing ideas come from our community confirms that this will be the best Lotusphere EVAR! It's awesome to see the turn out from our community and beyond - shows that the product that we all live by and love is alive and well - can't really ask for more than that!

For those of you who've asked me offline, here's a list of the submissions that didn't quite make it:

  • Developing Business 2.0 Applications with Lotus Notes and Domino
    Was going to talk about Blogs, Wikis, Social Bookmarking, etc. for the business using Lotus Notes and Domino.
  • Fixing it with Brokers! True REST and Middleware Domino Application Architectures
    Using Java Servlets to broker REST requests from X to Domino, Tim Tripcony and I were going to have a lot of fun with this one...
  • Integrate with Anything! Application Development Practices for Integrating Domino with other Enterprise Technologies
    The Lotusphere Idol submission that got more than a few people interested, Tim and I were going to start off with some basics and then rip the whole thing WIDE open - showing everyone how they could integrate their Domino Applications with - well - anything... from Web 2.0 Web Services to Cold Fusion to Flash to PHP to Notepad-created Apache-driven HTML.
  • XPage Yourself! High Performance Domino Application Development
    This was one that I was certain would rock. Tim (notice a trend here, I'm trying to stand on the shoulders of greater men here...) and I were going to aggressively attack XPages and conventional Domino Database architectures - showcasing both the advanced caching and scoping capabilities of XPages while looking at things like eTags to make applications sing on the Web Browser Client. This one, I'll admit, stings a little.

The good news? I still plan on doing these sessions... but as articles, podcasts, videocasts, etc. Kinda speaking for Tim on this one too, but I'm certain he'll be along for the ride once some of his Lotus 911 pre-Lotusphere 2009 plate is cleared off. (If you only knew what was in store... wow!)

So later in the day, I recieve another email from an IBM domain - this time from the RedWiki team lead, regrettably telling me that the residency will be postponed until at least 2009. I think they're still accepting nominations, but it's still in the air as to when the residency will happen. Those interested, get your applications in for review (and maybe those that want to stress how important the RedWiki is/can/will be can comment in this thread in case someone's watching...).

To finish this post on a very high note... I got a notice last night that Cristian D'Aloisio - who has been BETA testing Showtime - posted a few thoughts on his blog. If you're interested in BETA testing it, get a hold of me and I'll send you over a copy!

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