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Today, I update my Zune!

I have what they now call the Zune 30 - the 30GB first-gen Zune. The best thing about getting a DMP (Digital Media Player) from one of the big guys is that they've offering a software upgrade to make my first-gen Zune function and operate just like the next-gen Zunes. I don't know if the other vendors would do/have done such a thing, but this gives Zune adopters more options - you can pick up a Zune 30 for approx. $100 USD from places like even stumple across better deals (when they have them) at We're (the majority of my readership anyways) yellow-bleeders - and thus constantly slamming technologies that force us to utilize a particular solution and only that solution. It sounds to me like forcing users to buy a new device every time a new software innovation comes out is something that the evil Redmond giant would try to do - ironic if you ask me!

The two updates that really interest me are the now built-in Podcast support and sync-via-Zune-WIFI - allowing me to sync media over-the-air! Many people have commented on me going with a Zune when there are more user-adopted (and thus making accessories both cheap[er] and an ease to find), but I've gotta admit, after my first and only problem with the device (and that was more the desktop client than the device itself), I'm happy to report that I've had no problems with the Zune - which I use (on average) about 6 hours a day!

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