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Confessions of a Flasher

When I was given the opportunity to not only get a pretty-wordly web solution to integrate with Domino but to also make some extra money just in time for the holidays... I didn't have to think too long and hard about it!

The project: the Flash banner you see before you now!

I hadn't touched Flash in years (literally, since about 2000/2001), but in launching Flash MX 2004 I realized just how long it had been.

I was able to put my Javascript skillz to the test (as Actionscript greatly mirrors Javascript like Lotuscript can mirror VB) and come up with some pretty cool results! This banner, aside from pushing a message, has an live form built-in - and when completed and submitted, the information is pushed to a Domino server (via a GET action method) directly to a Domino agent that processes the information and allows the gang at Clearframe to collect the sign-up information to send out more information, etc.!

Despite being able to pull this off, I still have so much to learn about Flash and just what I can do with it. It helps that I get to now use it as part of my toolbelt - and as such I hope to be able to pull of some pretty interesting/cool/fun things. My next trick, and I'm certain that this can be done(!), is to dynamically populate the Flash movie or application with an XML-formatted-Domino-driven datasource. I can use it to build really slick Salesforce-friendly reports from various Domino Logs and Usage Statistics, not to mention other unforeseen possibilities!

I guess we'll see just how far down this rabbit hole goes!

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