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My attempt at thwarting evil...

It burns... Since the site redesign of, I've been getting more and more comments spam, and like the site design itself, it took an event to get me to do something about it.

With the site, it was the local client upgrade that overwrote my Notebook/Journal (which I had setup as my local replica of the NotesDatabase that runs this site -- hilarity ensued...).

With the comments spam, it took getting about 90+ bogus comments on the site this morning to get me out of my pre-holiday funk and onto fixing the problem.

... so I implemented a really simple captcha to help me set the status of a new comment to a particular post.

See, before, I used my captcha as judge, jury, and I'll just bit bucket that one...-executioner. I would occasionally get complaints from people who made a comment that didn't pass the captcha, more because they didn't see it (or something like that).

So here's the deal:

You pass the captcha, and your comment is auto-published. You don't pass the captcha, your comment sits in a draft queue for me to review.

If it's a valid comment, I'll publish it... if they don't get thrown out with the rest of the bathwater that is.

Want to test out the new captcha? Comment to this post and let me know what you think!

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