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Lotus Knows... how to advertise on Engadget!

Was reading Engadget tonight, looking through today's consumer gadget news, when I stumbled across a rather interesting site:

Knows... Engadget! While I am very glad to see advertising in a product that I know and love, that's not what got me excited. I am excited by where it was. By advertising on a site visited by IT professionals and other individuals that are often the go to people in their companies for what's hip in technology, Lotus has planted seeds on minds of the people who are often making things happen.

IBM is making strides in not only to marketing the right message, but marketing that message to the right people: getting everyday problem solving tech in front of people who are often in a position to address those issues, getting the features and functionality of the Lotus product portfolio into the subconscious of those problem solvers so that it is an immediate consideration to address a presented issue.

I think some targeted advertisements that drive those IT pros and tech enthusiasts to find out more information on how Lotus can solve real world problems is a great step in the right direction, and major kudos to the marketing team for making that happen and successfully making that paradigm shift.

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