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Working on a project, I find myself in need of a formula-based solution (read: non-Agent-based) to grab field values from multiple documents that I have selected in a view and use that information in a single meta-action.

From everything that I'm reading, there's no such functionality built into the Formula Engine itself. Sure, I can use an Agent to do this - but if the user wishes to change/update this function, I would rather it be in Formula Language. And I say that because the solution that I'm working on uses control documents that hold these functions; the solution is self-maintained and customized via configuration instead of cracking open the Designer client (or, more importantly, having someone else crack open the Designer client at $75-$175/Hour.

But I'm getting off topic here - my meta-action. I guess I can share this much - it's Skype integration into Lotus Notes client-based applications. I have the basic <a href="skype:christoohey?chat"></a> via Formula, but what I'm lacking is the multiple-contact chat/chatroom. I select 10 documents, the function scans each document that I've selected, checks for their SkypeID, and if found appends it to my list. And once I've gathered my list... I simply use @URLOpen("skype:christoohey;echo123?chat").

My problem is the lack of such native functionality (as far as I can tell - it's DOMINOGuru, not LotusNotesClientGuru here...). Of course, I can and will if needed use an agent for this... but I won't be happy about it!


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