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Google Android Developer Challenge 2, and why you should care!

Developers = Platform Success = Customer WIN! Engadget reports that the winners of the Android Developer Challenge 2 have been announced, and it got this platform developer thinking...

In a time where app stores are key to the success of a platform, holding development challenges for their emerging mobile device platform is a masterstroke on the part of Google: each submission vying for the $100,000 USD per category or $150,000 USD grand prizes did nothing but strengthen the platform and give their current customers more return on their investment. Not to mention what it did for those Apple iPhone customers who look at a more stylized device that sports better hardware specs and runs software that doesn't need to be jailbroken to get the most out of it.

Google delivers to their customers, enables their vendors, helps support their public relations efforts in the geek community, and - ultimately - are making the Android platform more and more the mobile device platform to develop on if you are so inclined.

(And this is where we bring it home...)

With IBM releasing the Lotus Domino Designer Client for free, and embracing and supporting community development efforts such as, I think the opportunity to take the Lotus platform beyond the bubble is there... we just need a few hundred thousand USD to get people salivating. ;-)

I know of several efforts that - if embraced by the Lotus Online Community - could push the platform and frenzy the development community beyond that bubble... but to be honest we have to start with things like more than 20 people on a open community call with the IBM Technical Information and Education team.

Trust me - you show an interest there and it'll go a long way in supporting the aforementioned several efforts.

And once the platform developers come, the platform itself is stronger, and the customers benefit. It is, quite literally, a win-win-win scenario!

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