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I find myself becoming more and more of a Google fanboy lately. I use Chrome as the day-to-day web browser (unless I'm developing, wherein I go back to Firefox), use GMail more than my Domino mail anymore, and prefer to use GTalk for both IM and VOIP. Thus I was excited when I received an email about the Google Friend Connect, and promptly added it to this site.

It was simple really - adding two site-specific HTML files to (in the case of Domino-based weblogs) the File Resources of your NotesDatabase design, follow the rest of the on-screen instructions, and within seconds you're configuring gadgets to be added to your site.

Two of the available Google Friend Connect gadgets have now been added to this site: the Members Gadget and the Review/Rate Gadget are now featured prominently on this very site!

The Members Gadget can be found on every page, in the right-hand "sections" area, directly under my conact information. This gadget allows you to "join" the membership of the site and not only show your support but also allow you to collaborate with fellow community members.

The Review/Rate Gadget is, naturally, now found on each individual post, located directly above the current Domino-based comments engine. This will allow you to "rate" given entries on a 0-5 star scale.

This is just the start, as I suspect more widgets and extended functionality for both users (you) and adopters (me) as this Google-provided free service matures. So sign up on the site if you're so inclined, rate a post to your liking, and check out some more information on Google Friend Connect!

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