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How NOT to get me to put up an example...

Come to the site via a Google search for domino css example, then submit the following comments:


so where is the example of how to actually use this?

And then literally 3 minutes later...

Name: J

so...where's the "working, implementable example"? I see bascis of setting it up but no example to show how it actually works.

Now, the second comment (I have to assume here) came because I'm now screening blog comments (as a result of some 15 year old that "was trying to teach us all a lesson" with his l33t h4x0r skillz of copy/pasting a cross-script "attack")... but am I being OVERLY sensitive here or are there just some people in the world that are asshats?

The domino css example mentioning article in question contained the following:

In this post, I'll walk you through the utilization of such a method and hopefully leave you with a sense that while we've certainly come away with a working, implementable example... we've only touched the surface of what we can do as we now have control of the Content Type for our design elements!

Now, that article - like most of this site - are meant as a roadmap to something more grande and individual. I try to come up with methodologies on how to do something, not just "here ya go script-kiddie, copy/paste this into your HTTP Header!". This site, outside of a semi-daily blog (I'm being nice to myself here) is really meant as a cookbook for developers that want to get more out of the products that they work with. The majority of these articles act as recipies for some pretty slick (IMHO) solutions. I don't know of any cookbooks out there today that come with free samples of cake - do you?!

I think that examples of applied methodologies are often like movies made from books - my example may pigeonhole a given methodology, or - even worse - I could come up with a horrible example (what, me?! NEVER) of a really great methodology. Either of which could result in someone disregarding the method. See the pressure us authors are under?!

All jest aside - if J needed a real-world example of this concept (which while very simple allows for some pretty slick architecture), all he/she/they had to do was 1) email me or 2) complete the entire comment form and ask at least somewhat nicely!

Anyone who has contacted me - at least as far as I can recall - I've tried my best to help out. And we have an amazing community here - don't get me wrong - but every now and then I'm contacted by a J who thinks that I get paid for running this site or something and therefore better damned well have that example out there, up and running, available for him/her/them and anyone else who happens to come across my site via a random Googling.


OK - something that is going to be published here as a real-working example - a friend has asked me how to get around a 64Kb @DBLookup via the web. Based on their intended usage (see this example really writes itself in this case), I'll be using a pretty simple approach that will allow me to mimic an @DBLookup and easily pull back as much data as needed. Even better, this methodology can be used to solve a few other problems that us web developers run into with lookup and display limitations in Domino. More on that after I pay some bills...

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