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More Site Mods - non-Domino-branded URLs

After going back and forth with whether or not I should have used the replica ID or the @WebDBName in my Permalinks, I've decided to rid myself of the problem and use Web Site Substitute Rules.

I simply create a Substitute-type rule making /* -> /hosting/dg/index.nsf/*. And, due to my utilization of the <base href=...> tag via a Shared Field stored in a subform that's shared across almost all of my web-facing design elements, this approach took me less than 2 minutes to implement.

Now, I had thought about doing this before, but have had reservations - I liked showcasing that this website was run on Domino. Now, I'd rather make things simple. Not only simple, more world-recognized, if that makes any sense.

Long story short - despite not seeing any indication of this, from the markup (no _doClick(v, o, t)) to the URLs now .nsf/replicaID-less, this site is still running on Domino, with no immediate plans to go anywhere else!

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