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AUDIO: Future of Content Delivery (while I write my latest editorial...)

Sigler's Bloodcast! I thought that I would share with you - True Believers - just what I have rocking my cranium while I write my aforementioned upcoming tutorial on the best practices use of Readers-type NotesItems in NotesDocuments for IBM Lotus Notes Domino Development. And now, with the addition of the Yahoo! Media Player, I can now stream the MP3 directly! The aforementioned MP3, which I've talked about before, is Scott Sigler's Balticon Keynote: FridayFix: Future of Content Delivery!

As I said, I've talked about this keynote/'cast before:

In a keynote address at Balticon 2009 this past May, Scott Sigler - who has taken his give-it-away-for-free approach to marketing and viral fanbase seeding all the way to the New York Times Best-Sellers list - spoke about the Future of Content Delivery. Being a software developer, blogger, podcaster, and hobbyist author... I was more than a little interested to hear what Sigler's thoughts were on the subject.

Sigler's thoughts on the numbers game of the target consumer base and specifically the consumer technologies that define that consumer base find a near direct corollary in our own world of product development.

With a 61 minute runtime, you might not want to listen to the whole thing here, but you're more than welcome to.

If you like what the author has to say, or are a fan of horror, hard-science science fiction, and stories that range from self-aware infections and chicken scissors to multi-species football leagues to quite possibly the most scarring adaptation of Charlie Brown you've ever heard, check out the author's site at I would also recommend checking out his completed podiobooks at

(Note: There is harsh language sprinkled throughout the podcast, so you might want to use your headphones...)

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