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When business gets tough, the tough get… Redguides!

RedbooksBeing an active Redwiki author has it's priveledges! Just got an email (which was sent to all ITSO residents over the past 3 years) with exciting news from the IBM Redbooks team (emphasis mine):

"ITSO Global Content Services is excited to announce the introduction of IBM Redguides into the IBM Redbooks® publications family. The Redguides team has 15 Redguides available for download from

IBM Redguides bridge the gap between high-level sales collateral and traditional Redbooks publications. They were requested by and co-designed with technical business leaders. They offer IT architects, IT consultants, technical sales support staff and IT managers a pre-sales business view of technology rather than a post-sales focus on deployment. Redguides are about how to solve a business problem and provide business value with IBM solutions."

So far, no Lotus-specific Redguides, but hopefully we'll see something soon (this was announced only yesterday mind you).

While the above quote states that Redguides could benefit "IT architects, IT consultants, technical support staff, and IT managers", but I'd also keep your eyes open if you're a Lotus/IBM geek who wants to ramp up on the latest offerings from the IBM solutions portfolio. Aside from just making sure that you're informed on what's going on outside of your own technology investment bubble, Redguides can be invaluable tools for interal-sales: you are now armed and prepared to fight the good fight with business-friendly data (read: leave the geek-speak at the curb, we're talking to management here!) to get the solutions in-house that you know will address your customer needs.

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