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While I await -- like most of you, I'm sure -- word on whether or not I'll be speaking at Lotusphere 2011... I can tell you two things with absolute certainty:

  1. I will be attending Lotusphere 2011.
  2. I will be covering Lotusphere 2011 as Press.

How I'll be covering it... well, that depends. I would like to -- aided by my trusty iPhone 4 and some other kit -- cover the event via written, audio, and video posts that will consist of not only the various press events that the gang behind the press/blogger program are putting together, but I would also like to do as many interviews, product reviews, and booth visits as possible.

I also (having been there myself more often than not) want to cover the event for those who can't attend Lotusphere 2011.

So... Are you going?

If so, we should get together. I'd like to finally meet you/it's been too long since we last saw eachother/please stop follow me, it's getting awkward..

If not, what do you want out of the coverage?

Keep in mind... I'm a developer at heart, so the coverage will more than likely be developer-centric.

Also, I'll try to keep this process as transparent as possible. I'm considering a few things that I'll share once things firm up... so keep your eyes open (and readers tuned in) in the upcoming weeks!

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