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UX Improvements via the WipeTouch.js jQuery plugin

We recently made changes to the mobile and tablet versions of this site which should improve your user experience on those devices.


When WipeTouch.js was originally added to this site, we allowed you to "wipeRight" to bring up the hamburger menu. A "wipeLeft" allowed you to quickly close that menu (returning you to the active page on the site) if that menu is currently open or - something we added to help ease site navigation - if the menu was not open "wipeLeft" would open the home page of the site.

We not only write and maintain the content on this site, but we use it as well... and quickly realized how touchy the "wipeLeft" method was behaving.

In other words, we had introduced a broken user experience!

Simple fix: we removed the else clause in the "wipeLeft".

This means that you can still swipe the menu closed, but scrolling down the content of the page will no longer accidentally punt you to the home page of the site!

We're constantly looking for ways to improve this site. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment in this post or contact us using this form. Your feedback, as always, is appreciated!

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