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Introduction to Web Development for Notes Developers Online Course Launch (and course syllabus)

Today we kick off the Introduction to Web Development for Notes Domino Developers online course. The response and feedback I've received since last week has been both appreciated and humbling -- I just hope the course I've designed can live up to the expectations!

I've put together a detailed course syllabus, which outlines the topics we'll be covering in each "unit".

That syllabus can be found here:

Web Development for Notes Domino Developers Course Syllabus

The course is designed so that students first tackle the basics of HTML to understand the skeletal structure of an HTML page. We'll cover the default rendering for DIV, SPAN, A, and other basic HTML elements. And we'll cover core web concepts and functions like using HTML Forms to submit user-entered data to an HTTP Request Consumer Endpoint.

Next we'll look at controlling the way our HTML elements display on screen with CSS. Here we'll discuss using basic CSS selectors to target HTML elements and the various attributes of this elements we can change with a few simple CSS rules. 

In the next unit, we'll add some action to our web development with a dive into JavaScript.  Here will not only cover the basics but we will discuss development fundamentals that you will use both in this course and in your professional development efforts.

... and all of that is covered in just the "intro" units.

This entire self-paced online course is FREE - simply join the class by going to and using Class Code wqls5tr.

(Please email me at if you're unable to register - I'll need the email address of your GMail/Google account to manually register you as a Student.)

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