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Input Needed - Redesigning my Marketplace experience

I'm currently redesigning the Consulting and Mentoring Services and Applications "marketplace" on this site... which was originally setup as an afterthought on how I would get my $5 Notes Domino apps to developers and tech-savvy "citizen developers".

Getting input from the community on preferred methods of payment, how "stateful" you want your purchases/downloads to be, and more can only help to make the marketplace more of a solution vs. what the current design and execution delivers.

For that, I'll need to hear your thoughts on the following:

  1. If you were buying digital assets in the form of functional code, premium concept demo downloads, and full applications ranging from Free to <$50, what methods of payment would you want supported? Paypal? Google Walllet? Amazon Digital?
  2. Would you be interested in browsing/"shopping" for such digital content and services authored by others in the community?
  3. If you're a developer, would you be interested in submitting your solutions to such a marketplace?
  4. If the marketplace had solutions from external sources, should the sources be from the community or should we include vendor / business partner solutions?

Your feedback - as always - makes whatever I'm working on even better, so either comment on this post or email me at with your thoughts!

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