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Project Abbr - TinyURL-like solution for Lotus Notes Domino!

... I had a customer putting TinyURL-generated URLs that pointed to their internal intranet into their SAP system. This was less than acceptable to say the least, and spawned Abbr - a TinyURL-like Application for Lotus Notes Domino.

The idea is simple: each entry in Abbr contains a combination of Keys and URLs. Link to /Keyword and Abbr redirects you to your intended URL!

Using a combination of Website Substitution Rules and Best Practices Domino Web Application Development, Abbr allows you to maintain simple permalinks throughout and beyond your organization.

Project Abbr - TinyURL-like 
solution for Lotus Notes Domino Published as an Open Source Application to, Abbr allows you to create easy to remember links to would-be complicated URLs, as well as creating permalink URLs to pages and resources that change!

So, instead of:


You can use this:

Simple right?

Project Abbr - New Entry

That's the idea behind the application - keep things simple. From User Interface to User Experience to the actual design of the application, it's - wait for it - simple!

Project Abbr - 

Even the aforementioned Website Substitution Rules are simple:

Project Abbr - Website 
Substitution Rules Example

Interested? Check out the Project Abbr home page on for details and your very own copy!

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