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Amazon Kindle and Android Marketplace now accepting HTML5 Web Apps

Just received this email from Mobile App Distribution:

Amazon HTML5 Apps

Dear Mobile App Developer,

Your web apps or mobile optimized websites can now reach Amazon customers in nearly 200 countries worldwide on Kindle Fire and select Android smartphones.

Easily submit your web app through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal to have it merchandised alongside native apps. We've also provided powerful tools to help you test and debug your web apps and monetize using Amazon's In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript, and we┬┐ve made sure your web apps will provide a native-like experience on Kindle Fire with our improved web runtime on Kindle Fire.

Web developers with HTML5 apps and mobile-optimized web sites can easily get started at the Distribution Portal. Once you're logged in, go to "My Apps", and choose "Submit a Web App".

For those of you IBM Notes Domino XPages application developers, this is amazing news: you can easily use those HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to create HTML5 applications that you can now sell to an established market.

Furthermore, we could easily use the XWorks Domino licensing model to create SaaS-driven solutions that are surfaced via HTML5 XPages web applications.

So, what're you up to this weekend?

Find out more about the Amazon Web App and Resources here... and what applications would you love to see running on or served via XPages?

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