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Artist Rendering of Chris Toohey accepting the PlanetLotus Blogger of the 
Year Award There I was, sitting in my living room watching (I'm not proud to admit) Spider-man 3 with my family when my cell phone rang. It being Saturday evening, I thought I'd let my personal assistant (read: voicemail) take the call. It was a call I should have taken, and I'm not just saying that because it would have gotten me out of another awkward Peter Parker dance number. The call was from Joyce Davis -- those of you familiar with the Lotus Technical Information and Education team should recognize her as the Community Manager -- congratulating me on being named the PlanetLotus Blogger of the Year!

I honestly didn't expect such an honor as there are so many people in our community that share their given expertise... but apparently you guys like how I blog about IBM, Lotus, Application Development, and enjoy my daily babble about a collaborative platform that we all love...

I'd like to say thank you to not just those of you who voted for me, but for those of you who participate in any form in the Lotus Online Community. Your involvement -- be in direct contribution, reading, or evangelizing beyond the yellow bubble -- benefits us all.

On my part, I will try to deliver more and more content your way, and I will do my best to live up to the great honor that you given me.

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A published developer and webmaster of, Chris Toohey specializes in platform application development, solutions integration, and evangelism of platform capabilities and best practices.

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