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I've been asked to speak at The View Lotus Developer2010!

Well... not *that* View...

Earlier today I mentioned that exciting news was on the horizon, and I am stoked to officially announce that I'll be speaking at The VIEW Lotus Developer2010!

I'll be giving two sessions:

MVC for IBM Lotus Notes Domino XPages

While XPages can be used to create feature-rich user interfaces for IBM Lotus Notes Domino Applications, combining them with a Model-View-Controller architecture will allow you to push the IBM Lotus Domino platform beyond it's perceived limits. Learn how to leverage XPages, Server Side JavaScript (SSJS), and Themes in combination with abstracted business logic to deliver configurable, customizable, and functional applications that can evolve with your business.

-- and --

Creating Mobile Device Apps for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Applications

There's an app for that has set an expectation for your users: when on the road and out of the office, I will still be able to do my job. Learn how you can take IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Applications "mobile", and create the design architecture that can meet the demands of both your business and it's employees.

I'm really excited and looking forward to being in Boston on May 12-14, 2010 for Developer2010, but the question is, will you be there? Let me know if you're planning to attend via comment or email (or Twitter, Facebook, et al) and we'll hang out... after my sessions of course!

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