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Understanding the Domino CRUD API: Example Database Download

Today I was asked for an example of a Smart Landing Page, to which I was more than happy to comply and send the requester the in-progress Understanding the Domino CRUD API Example Database.

Not wanting to leave anyone else out in the code that prefers a more hands-on approach to picking up some new techniques, I thought I'd publish the build as of this afternoon.

Understanding the Domino CRUD 
API: Example Database Download

Those purists will realize a lot of room for improvement in the development and architecture of things - with a few things in mind being which particular Design Elements I'm using to serve their given purpose, the total lack of linked CSS or JavaScript libraries, etc. Let's just keep in mind that this NotesDatabase is being written as a simple example of the Domino CRUD API and thus I 1) wanted to keep as much on-screen/simple as possible and 2) am not recommending that this - the design of the Domino CRUD API Example NotesDatabase - is by any means the ideal architecture for Domino Web Applications... outside of it being an example for several base techniques that you can use to build some pretty advanced and feature-rich Domino Web Applications and Services.

Speaking of services, the more astute of you will notice a shuffle in the pages View Design Element and $$ViewTemplateDefault|$$NavigatorTemplate for index.html Form Design Element: I'm adding the first part of a mini-series on the READ state of the Domino CRUD API.

So grab this build release of the Domino CRUD API Example NotesDatabase, play around, and check back here for more on the READ state of the Domino CRUD API! Good times ;-)

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