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So you've downloaded Domino Designer in Eclipse -- Now what?

shiney! In between some interesting projects that I'm working on -- from a killer app that I really can't talk about now to some Google Chrome Extensions for our community -- I'm planning on putting together a series of articles for developers new to the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform. This series will reside in the IBM Lotus Domino Designer Wiki, and will hopefully act as a jumpstart for someone who has successfully downloaded and installed DDE... but is unsure what to do next.

Here's a list of a few things that I think should be covered:

(And you'll note I'm using a UL tag here - these aren't in any particular order!)

  • Brief Overview of the Lotus Notes Domino platform Clients: Lotus Notes, Web Browser, Mobile Device Browser
  • What is a NotesDatabase?
  • Brief Overview of NotesDatabase Design Elements
  • Brief Overview of the Development Languages used in Lotus Notes Domino Development
  • A simple Hello World NotesDatabase Application
  • Links to samples, community resources, and more!

This idea is really the result of an IM I got from someone who came across my website via Google. This seasoned IT pro was new to Lotus Notes Domino Application Development, and had no clue what to do after they'd downloaded and installed DDE.

As I was actively working on a Google Chrome Extension and using their Getting Started and Samples... I was -- quite frankly -- shocked that a resource like this wasn't already available.

I'm certain that you have suggestions on what topics should be covered in the aforementioned upcoming series, so please let me know via the comments below!

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