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Facebook and Twitter!

Not only is @dominoGuru now on Twitter, but there's now a Facebook Fan Page - using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and FBML - to help spread the word on IBM Lotus Technologies, OpenNTF projects, community news, and my daily babbling... Fan Page on Facebook on Facebook!
Following in my recent work on the Lotus Technical Information and Education and the Lotus Knows Facebook Fan Pages, I thought that I'd sit down and create one for! I had already created a pretty slick HTML, CSS, JavaScript and FBML-version of the latest version of this using the My HTML Facebook Application on my own profile, but having a Fan Page - as I've learned - gives you many more options with not only what you can do from a functional standpoint with FBML, but it will also give me the opportunity to put into motion a few things that I have planned for 2010 for this site.

But more on that later...

Just like with the LTIEC and Lotus Knows Fan Pages, non-Fans will be presented with the FBML landing page, which I've designed to give you a pretty detailed and interactive overview of what you'll find on this site -- from YouTube tutorials to one of my OpenNTF projects.

For those of you that do become fans, you'll jump right into the Wall tab when you hit the Facebook Fan Page, where I plan on not only on cross-posting a lot of the site content, but I'll be using it to extend the reach beyond the bubble if you will.

@dominoGuru on Twitter

I was actually squatting on this account for some time now. The idea being simply that as I was giving out my email address ( via the occasional tweet, most twitter clients recognized the domain as a Twitter account.

Today I cleaned up the account and got it ready for some real usage.

Watch this space (and of course the Fan Page and Twitter account) for news on the things I have planned for early 2010, and let me know if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in these extensions of

Oh, and one more thing. Once we get enough Fans of the Facebook Fan Page, I'll be allowed to add a more permanent/user-friendly URL for the Page. Incentives all around for you to join up, eh? ;-)

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