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Hello Web! v2.0

Evolution. v2.0 It happens. It happens to website templates as much as it does the person who runs the website.

For the past few years, I was constantly saying "I'll write an upgrade when...", and I would write that updated template.... but run into one or two issues that would hold me back. So instead of trudging forward, I scrapped it - got too busy - moved onto something else (enter your excuse here). Well, as part of the v2.0, I've decided to release this template mid-design. I figure 1) this will help me to ensure that all of the bugs are worked out and that I get the features in the site that those of you who grace me with your presence really want/will use and 2) if I don't publish this, it'll never get done.

That being said, please keep in mind that you will come across sections of this website over the next few days/weeks/as long as I keep the domain name registered/etc. that are being worked on.

One thing that I did manage to get in, however, was the comments! Right now, they're having a few issues with the cookie baking that I'm trying to do (most likely a javascript blech than anything major). SO, that being said, feel free to share your thoughts! I'm also allowing DHTML to be posted... I'm hoping that I attract a small/mature enough audience that I can keep it that way, but I've built in measures that will allow me to prune back such features if needed.

Lastly, on this late-night, v2.0 christening entry, I want to thank everyone that's shown me support over the years - I just hope that anything you can gain from me running this site has been and will continue to be useful in the future!

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