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Group Talk - Mobilize Your Apps with XPages Webinar Today 11AM Eastern

GBS Group Talk I know... nothing like waiting until the last minute to get the word out on my end -- but [as some of you may have noticed] I've been really busy lately.

The good news is that I'm breaking schedule-induced radio silence to give you a whole hour of my time!

That's right: Me. Talking. For an entire hour. <squee />

Today, Wednesday February 16th, 2011, I will be hosting a one hour webinar to kick-off a new initiative by GBS.

With Mobilize Your Apps with XPages, I'll be covering the task of creating smartphone versions of your existing Lotus Notes Client applications.

In this webinar -- which will be from 11AM-12Noon EST today -- I will mention legos, stormtroopers, and show you a picture of a 3-pane window while [hopefully] imparting invaluable knowledge.

From our marketing team:

Learn about creating smartphone and mobile device-friendly User Interfaces and User Experiences for your existing traditional IBM Lotus Notes Client applications. In this 1 hour session we'll discuss development and architectural considerations as well as valuable techniques and code you can use to create a Mobile XPages app.

Sign up here and join me for the one hour webinar/presentation/Q&A!

Registration is required, so make sure you put the whole 11 hour heads-up I've given you to good use and let's try to crash a GoToMeeting server!

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