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IJ: Building an Intranet with Lotus Database Templates

Journal Hot off the press, my new article for Intranet Journal entitled Building an Intranet with Lotus Database Templates. In this article, I discuss three templates that come standard with LND: the Discussion - Notes & Web, the Doc Library - Notes & Web, and the Teamroom database templates - and how you can utilize them to provide your users with a quick, robust, and reliable solution for their collaborative needs by simply utilizing the tools that LND provides out-of-the-box.

Below is a quick excerpt from the article, which can be found here:

To define a corporate intranet solution is to talk of a collaborative technology that facilitates the strategic dissemination, securities-enforced management, and the collective review of corporate information at the organizational, departmental, and project levels.

IBM's Lotus Notes/Domino (LND) has been utilized as an engine to provide such solutions since its invention. In fact, it can be argued that LND's messaging capabilities are simply a byproduct of its abilities to deliver content to its intended recipients. As such, the base installation of Notes and Domino offers several "built-in" applications (referred to as "Database Templates") alongside its messaging solutions, and we'll discuss in this article how you can utilize those applications as organizational, departmental, and project-level intranet solutions.

Next in the series for Intranet Journal, I will review several solutions from the chefs at and discuss how the projects can be utilized in delivering some truly enterprise-level intranet solutions via the LND Open Source movement!

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