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LotusLive Connections Activities in the Lotus Notes 8.5 Client Sidebar

IBM Lotus Connections After rather unsuccessfully trying to get the LotusLive Connections Activities to load in my Lotus Notes 8.5 Client sidebar, I thought that tonight I'd give the support forums a quick look. I was shocked (but I should have known) that there were step-by-step instructions for doing this very thing!

In the following LotusLive Connections Forum thread (LotusLive Authentication Required), Margaret O'Connell writes:

How to configure the Notes 8.5 Activities sidebar for LotusLive:

  1. Install Notes 8.5 with the Activities integration included.
  2. Go to the Activities sidebar and click on the "Show connection options" link
  3. This brings you to the Activities preference panel in Notes. Enter URL and your user password at the top and click Apply.
  4. This will cause an authentication dialog to be presented. Cancel out of that. Twice. (This is an attempt to authenticate using Java Form).
  5. Now go to Notes preferences, but this time the Accounts preference panel. Select the Activities account you see there and click the Edit Account button.
  6. Leave everything "as is" up top but click on Advanced properties near the bottom. Change the Authentication Type to HTTP Basic and clear out the Authentication URL.
  7. Restart Notes 8.5.
  8. When you come back in, your Activities sidebar should be populated with your activities.

Simple enough really...

From here: File\Preferences...

Lotus Notes 8.5 Client Preferences - Accounts

Make it look like this:

Lotus Notes 8.5 Client Preferences - Accounts - LotusLive Activities 

And no, my password is not ********!

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