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I think the thing that makes our community (that is, the Lotus Online Community at large) so successful is the fact that we readily adopt new technologies that allow us to connect to and collaborate with people that can make our day-to-day that much easier. This community is filled with subject matter experts, ranging from those who know absolutely everything about a particular niche feature in a given Lotus product family to expertise that resides outside of the Lotus product family. A simple tweet to asking for suggestions for a XHTML, XML, CSS, etc. editor for Windows - yielded many awesome suggestions and a confirmation that Aptana was the product to go with! Screen Examples So I was interested (to say the least) when I heard the news from Lotusphere 2009 about, and decided to check it out. I was surprised to find that it's more than yet-another-social network for the online community! Formerly Bluehouse, LotusLive showcases some of the latest Lotus tech in the Business 2.0 product space, giving us hands-on demos of the integrated Communities, Forums, File Sharing, online Meetings (powered - from what I can tell - by Sametime Unyte/Webdialogs), as well as Instant Messaging via Sametime. Now, being both a BleedYellow and Greenhouse user, I'm used to public community-based Sametime - but using this in combination with the Unyte features makes this a killer community solution. But I might be getting ahead of myself here...

The Good

  • Lotus Connections + Sametime Unyte
  • Hands-on playground, where I can not only learn just-how-useful this particular Lotus technology can be, but something that I can showcase to my customers.
  • If you've signed up for Bluehouse, your login credentials have been ported!
  • Registration, and usage, is free!

The Bad

  • Works great in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but Google Chrome (which I use as my day-to-day browser) and by extension Safari... not so much.
  • The Activities Sidebar widget doesn't appear to work with Perhaps it's a versioning issue...
  • I have near 400 people that I'm connected to on Facebook, 250+ following me on Twitter, and with BleedYellow and Greenhouse... adding new users to my contact list for another social network is becoming tiring.

So, how can we make it easy to get connected? Well, here's a quick tip! Post a URL to your LotusLive Profile!

Chris Toohey on

From My Dashboard, simply click on your name under the My Account. This will bring to you your publically-accessible Profile. From there, you can either tweet, blog, or otherwise communicate that profile by it's URL. For example, my Public Profile can be found at

Once you've opened, someone's profile - provided you've authenticated to yourself - simply select the Get Connected option on their profile, and you're all set!

And you Sametime Client users can quickly add the Sametime Server to your Server Communities list:

So if you haven't checked out LotusLive, or haven't been back since it was Bluehouse - give it a spin. I have a feeling (</wink>) that this is just the beginning of many cool and useful community initiatives coming from IBM/Lotus, so get in there now and start playing!

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