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Video: XLibrary - Social Enabled IBM Lotus Domino XPages Document Library

XLibrary - Social 
Enabled IBM Lotus Domino XPages Document Library For those of you who couldn't make it to Lotusphere 2012 and missed the GBS Sponsor session from Scott Hooks (with some awesome co-presenting live demo work from Brad Balassaitis), here's the 18-minute fail safe demo video I made in case the Lotusphere Wireless connectivity was an issue.

See, Scott -- who is extremely smart when it comes to stuff like this -- always has a backup plan, and in this case if he couldn't show a live demo of XLibrary (an IBM XPages-based Document Library mashup with Twitter, LinkedIn, Connections, and the Google Search API), he at least wanted to be able to show it off via a demo video.

Some of the integration here was relatively plug-and-play, either using the simplified JavaScript APIs or via pre-built widgets offered by the solution (eg., the Twitter Search uses a keyword-fed version of the Twitter Search widget)... but some (like the LinkedIn integration) was a little tricky.

I'll follow-up this post with a detailed article explaining more of the How, and for those of you interested in the Why, I'll try to get some of strategic info from Scott... but I'd imagine most long-time readers of this site will get the Why easily enough:

Integrating your current Lotus Notes client applications with the available cloud services and social networks by evolving those applications into XPages-based mashups will give you the ability to extend your own knowledge while re-purposing your current data and application functionality. In short, you get a lot more out of what you have by way of function, portability (I can haz this app on my iPhone?), and real-time analytics of your data fed from the various global online communities.

It's a no-brainer really. And companies that frown upon using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, et al are going to eventually adopt it en masse (like they did with instant messaging) once they realize the goldmine of competitive information that can be found by something as simple as a keyword card.

Expect a more in depth article post-Lotusphere 2012, complete with setup instructions (eg., LinkedIn API requires registration and an API key) and an XLibrary download.

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