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MoWiki Intro and User Interface Wireframe

MoWiki Mobile Device Client 
v1.0 In an attempt to get you mission critical information when and where you need it the most, a crack team of developers from the Lotus Online Community are working on a new OpenNTF project: MoWiki, a mobile device client and data proxy for IBM Lotus XPage Wikis. Led by Bruce Lill of Kalechi Design, this published-when-it's-done OpenNTF project will result in mobile device clients for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android devices as well as a MoWiki NotesDatabase that will proxy all live-data requests.

The idea is pretty simple actually, leverage the NotesData proxy-capabilities of YellowCake in combination with a consistent-as-possible UI/UX for the major mobile device platforms, all in an attempt to allow quick access to IBM Lotus XPage content while on the road.

The public showcase of MoWiki will be, of course, a hosted product connected to the IBM Lotus Product Wikis. There is, of course, nothing stopping you from downloading this app, grabbing the XPages Wiki template, and deploying your own mobile-accessible wiki behind your corporate firewall.

As for that consistent-as-possible UI/UX, we decided on a rather basic but functional take for version 1.0: we wanted to create a platform-agnostic UI/UX, and we quite frankly were inspired by TweetDeck:

MoWiki Mobile Device Client v1.0 UI Wireframe/Mockup - 
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You'll have an omnipresent app header and footer. Each navigation step will create a new column which can be pinned, which will result in a new click-to-jump navigation control in the app footer -- allowing you to pin a wiki article, wiki search result set, or even a category of wiki posts.

The Settings will simply define the Refresh Interval of your pinned content and the target URL for the MoWiki NotesDatabase.

Again, fairly simple... which is what we're going for here.

There will be more information about this project published as it becomes available, but expect to be hearing some more on the YellowCake-inspired MoWiki NotesDatabase which will consume and proxy all data requests from the mobile devices to the target XPages Wiki... allowing customized rendering without the need to modify the target XPage Wiki design!

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