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So you are NOT going to Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013

So you are NOT going to Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013

So you are not attending IBM Connect 2013, and if you're anything like me you're feeling a little left out that you won't be onsite for what promises to be an fun-filled gathering of IBM Collaborative Software experts and enthusiasts.

That's right, I won't be attending IBM Connect 2013 either due to family obligations on the home front (5 kids == too many activities to list here). So, if you're not going... and I'm not going... what should we do to pass the week aside from watching Twitter for #IBMConnect posts?!

In truth, I'm not too sure - but let's do something!

You'll be my surprise guest speaker, right Wilson? I'm seriously considering hosting a few Google+ Hangouts and getting discussions going on various topics. I've also thought of doing a livestream of me XPages-enabling this site... but not too sure if anyone would be interested in that sort of thing.

Have a suggestion for a Hangout topic or livestream/public build we should do next week? Want to watch me copy/paste and Google Search my way through XPages-enabling this site?? Think I'm off my meds for suggesting we keep ourselves busy and entertained while seemingly everyone else is Orlando-bound?!

Let me know via the comments below. There are no bad ideas here, gang -- like always, you guys drive the content you'll see on this site.

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