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Coming soon - Project Nexus!

As I've mentioned before: surround yourself with brilliance, and sometimes you get contact-smarts! ;-)

Tim and I were discussing a while back how he had built an application that would allow him - during a new project meeting - to literally build a Lotus Notes client application via a simple checklist of common design elements and various components. The result was a huge jumpstart to a new Lotus Notes project application, which would often require nothing more than some minor tweaking to get something that you can put in front of the project champion.

So the other day it hit me - if you had two NotesApplications - one to act as a simple container of design elements that were in themselves "components" of various NotesApplications, and the actual functional "utility" application that did nothing more than list said "components" and design elements with descriptive information... combined with a New/Existing NotesDatabase "builder" wizard - well, that would just rock!

So it's with that in mind that I annouce Project Nexus - the next utility application that I'll be working on here outside of a few updates to Showtime and SOTU that are well overdue in this developer's opinion. But I'm getting off topic here.

For those of you who (like me) enjoy pretty pictures:

Nexus Overview Diagram

Here we see a user (Mr. Gray), completing the wizard from the Nexus Utility NotesApplication by selecting the "Descriptive Components" entries. So, for example, Mr Gray wants the ability to easily export NotesDocument data from your "Target NotesApp" to Microsoft Excel. One of the "Descriptive Components" entries is titled Excel Export Templates. Once selected, the "Utility Build Engine" would then grab the Design Elements from the "Nexus Storage" NotesApplication - said Design Elements defined as a list in the Excel Export Templates entry - and copy them directly into the "Target NotesApp".

With this utility, you'll not only be able to ramp up your Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Projects, but you can easily establish a solid enterprise-level development architecture for your organization.

Now I just need to find the time to build it ;-)

Comments/Suggestions/Feature Wishlist in the comments - this will be your application after all!

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