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Blog / Elguji Software, LLC :: Introducing the IdeaJam 
API Today Bruce Elgort (and the rest of the Elguji crew) announced the planned release of the IdeaJam API. From the Elguji Blog:

Coming in the Summer '10 release of IdeaJam (due in May/June) we will be introducing the IdeaJam API. The API will be available via JSON and Web Services. Using the API customers will be able to integrate IdeaJam into mobile applications, intranet applications, widgets, and other Lotus products including Websphere Portal, Lotus Connections and many others. You may remember this blog entry where we talked about our customers developing some really cool IQJam integration points with iPhone, Android and Microsoft Office.

The IBM Lotus Notes Domino platform (and platform is exactly how we should think about it) allows us to create amazing applications that address customer business needs day after day. The natural extension of those applications is the creation of API Service Layers that will allow other developers to integrate with your applications instead of spending their time in an attempt to duplicate their functionality.

This is an expert move on the part of Elguji, as it allows in-house development teams (as well as business partners and software developers) to integrate their own solutions or create feature-rich add-ons that address their specific business needs. By creating an API Service Layer for their IdeaJam product, Elguji has evolved their application to a platform.

This is something that we - the IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Developer - should invest out time and resources (where appropriate) in: the continued evolution of our own applications through the development of integration points.

And by creating an API, you breath new life into your give product! You are no longer limited to how you think your product will be used... but rather allow others to take your product to the next level.

Y'know... kind of like we do with IBM Lotus Notes Domino.

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