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What mobile device platform should I write a SOTU v0.4 client for?

Remote Console Command Utility for IBM Lotus Notes Domino v0.4 - Coming Soon! I'm keeping two hush-hush projects pretty close to the chest. One of them, I've mentioned to a few people in this community (and their feedback and confidence I appreciate) and one I've only mentioned to two people... so this site might appear a little light on the development tips lately, but that's more a result of my current workload than anything else.

That being said, I've decided to do something more public: an updated release of SOTU, my Remote Console Command Utility for IBM Lotus Notes Domino. The update, aside from some cleanup, will also include (inspired by Bruce Lill) a mobile device client.

The question is... which mobile device platform should I be writing for?

SOTU v0.3 already has a mobile device-friendly WAP UI... but I wanted to add a little meat to the application in this next release with an actual mobile client app.

As I have a Blackberry (Bold), I'm biased in writing a Blackberry mobile device app via the Blackberry Widget SDK.

I know more and more of you are rocking Android devices... but I still think Android adoption for our community is minimal (especially with Traveler not yet supporting it -- awesome news out of Lotusphere 2010 on that front!).

iPhone/Touch client would be the way to go if we were talking the numbers game as far as mass-adoption... but there are logic issues there, not to mention that I'd have to go through a submission process to the Apple App Store (unless you've jailbroken your iPhones of course...).

So I'll post the question to you, Constant Reader: Which mobile device platform should I write a mobile device client for SOTU v0.4?

Please let me know your preference via comment to this post, and expect a very public build on the chosen platform!

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