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Tesla v1.0: IBM Lotus Notes Client App Signer Utility for $1.99!

Tesla v1.0: IBM Lotus Notes 
Client App Signer Utility for $1.99! ... have you ever had to open the Domino Admin client just to sign a freshly-downloaded project or a 3rd-Party NotesDatabase Template? One of the new Domino Designer features with 8.5.2 addresses this issue: you can right-click on a NotesDatabase from the Designer Working Sets Pane and sign it... but that's in 8.5.2.

Even in 8.5.2, you can't click-to-sign a NotesDatabase with a Production ID. Y'know... since you shouldn't let Domino Developers to write code in production, nor allow them - via their IDs - to execute code in production... so you have a Production ID.

That's where Tesla, my IBM Lotus Notes App Signer Utility, addresses a simple need: to quickly and securely sign a NotesDatabase Template without the need to access the Domino Admin Client (or the 8.5.2 Domino Designer Client for that matter...).

Installation & Setup

Once Tesla has been downloaded, you (or your systems administrator) will sign Tesla with the desired signer ID.

Tesla can be stored on a Domino server or locally per user, as it executes it's code at runtime through the accessing Notes Client. This means that the host location doesn't matter: as long as you can reach the target NotesDatabase Template, you're good to go!

Signing a NotesDatabase with Tesla

The Tesla user interface consists of a single button (pictured below) labelled "Sign NotesDatabase". When clicked, you will be asked to select the target NotesDatabase you want to sign.

Tesla v1.0: IBM 
Lotus Notes Client App Signer Utility Notes Sidebar

After selecting the target NotesDatabase, Tesla will perform the signing -- using the ID that originally signed the Tesla utility!


As with all of my other apps, Tesla is licensed per Lotus Domino Domain.

This means you have unlimited usage of Tesla v1.0 within your single Lotus Domino Domain for the low purchase price of $1.99 USD.

Purchase & Download

You can purchase your copy of Tesla v1.0 -- which entitles you to all v1.n updates -- for the low price of $1.99 via the purchase options below.

You can alternately purchase the Tusla for $1.99 via the following URL: 8J

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