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one copy/pasted JavaScript library at a time... In an attempt to add even more functionality to this site, I've copy/pasted a new script library into the NotesDatabase Template that runs this site! wibiya is a fully-customizable website plug-in toolbar that bottom-aligns and adds some pretty slick features to any website.

The Click-to-Translate, integrated site search, and links to the various social networks are really slick, but it's the real-time online chat that's now available to any visitor on You can join the chat via OpenID-style authentication with Facebook Friend Connect and Twitter Connect, or even the TinyChat authentication (which the wibiya website toolbar uses).

And it's something that I plan on using for upcoming events, such as a scheduled online reader meetup. The idea being that - at a designated time - anyone interested can connect into the chat room and start a dialog with me and anyone else who joins. Think of it as an open Q&A mixer, where we can talk about a particular topic or go off-script and chat about whatever topic comes up.

Expect to see an Upcoming Event post later this week for -- more than likely -- some time next week.

And as for adding wibiya to the site, after registration it was a simple matter of editing the Subform Design Element that acts as the common website footer HTML markup and adding the wibiya-supplied JavaScript before the closing </html> Element.

Now I can add/remove the various components at will from the wibiya Dashboard, so aside from the aforementioned reader meetup chats, expect to see stuff screen captures of ongoing projects posted from my Google Picasa web gallery hitting the toolbar.

And if you have any suggestions (or more importantly, wish to report any bugs), please let me know!

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