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Wiki Madness: a Lotus Online Community Awareness Event!

Wiki Madness 2010 I love this community! When speaking recently to David Leedy (of and fame) about the amazing bundles of yellowbleeder swag he had generously acquired from Lotusphere 2010 for giveaways on this site, we got to talking about various opportunities to bring both awareness and involvement to various community efforts. A good idea and a quick domain name registration later, we had Wiki Madness!

Wiki Madness is an event - running now thru March 31, 2010 - designed to boost knowledge share and participation in the IBM Lotus Product Wikis. To enter to win a Prize Pack -- which includes Lotusphere 2010 swag from various vendors like T-Shirts, etc. to archive CD of Lotus Online Community podcasts -- all you need to do is create a new article in any of the IBM Lotus Product Wikis, and submit the URL for that new article either on the Wiki Madness website, or thru any of the participating Lotus Online Community websites.

There are multiple Prize Packs, and David and I will be doing our best to handle all shipping and other costs, as well as contacting more potential sponsors!

If you're interested in participating in this community awareness event, check out Wiki Madness for more information.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor and giving back to those in our community who contribute, check out the Wiki Madness Sponsors section for details.

And if you're interested in becoming one of the aforementioned participating websites, you can add this single line of JavaScript to your website:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

... which will create a simple 180px-width submission form and more information link banner inline (see it in action on this site, middle column, under the Latest Updates twitter feed.

This submits via HTML IFRAME Element and JavaScript, so it should work on any website regardless of platform!

If you need other format/sizes, please let me know!

You can also follow @WikiMadness on Twitter for a list of all contributions!

And lastly, a huge THANK YOU to David, all of our sponsors, and those of you who will take this opportunity to give back to the Lotus Online Community (and get some sweet swag bags as a result)!

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