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39 New Wiki Articles (and counting) - Wiki Madness Marches On!

Wiki Madness 2010

Wiki Madness 2010 has generated -- at current count -- 39 new IBM Lotus Product Wiki articles, and has already (at least in my eyes) been a huge success! With less than two weeks left before the March 31st, 2010 deadline however, I know we can kick this IBM and Lotus Online Community awareness event into overdrive.

You just need a little incentive.

By now you should know that entry into Wiki Madness 2010 gives you the chance to win one of several Prize Packs which have been filled beyond capacity with some of the coolest swag I've ever seen: t-shirts, books, an iPod shuffle, and tons of yellow-colored stuff to adorn your cubicle or office, not to mention software licenses, podcast archives, and even more!

You should also know that entry into Wiki Madness 2010 is simple: Create a new article on any of the IBM Lotus Product Wikis, and submit the URL to your new article directly on or through any of the participating websites hosting our Wiki Madness Widget (such as this site - top of the middle column).

Those of you who run blogs can even cross-post the awesome content you're already sharing with the Lotus Online Community into a new wiki article, potentially extending visibility for your content (and definitely extending your visibility online).

What you might not know is that I haven't donated anything to the cause... until right now.

The lucky winners of Wiki Madness 2010 will get me.

Obviously some explanation is required.

Have an upcoming project for work? Have a great idea for an application? I'm volunteering my development services to help make your idea come to life!

The only requirements that I have are that 1) you don't get carried away (ie., "Let's rebuild the entire calendaring & scheduling engine for Lotus Notes!!"), and 2) that the build result in an open source application that we can then post to

... and yes, before you ask, I have lost my damned mind.

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