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Wiki Madness 2010 still going strong!

Wiki Madness - Lotus Online Community Event Wiki Madness, David Leedy and my Lotus Online Community Event, is growing: 19 new IBM Lotus Product Wiki Contributions and the Prize Pack Giveaways are full of must-have items for the equipped yellow bleeder!

A complete list of all contributions can be found online via the official Wiki Madness Twitter account.

To enter...

To enter Wiki Madness 2010 and be eligible for one of the giveaway Prize Packs, simply create a new article on any of the IBM Lotus Product Wikis, and submit the article URL to your article to Wiki Madness via the online submission form or via any participating community website!

I know there are countless blog posts that could easily be revised and posted to the correlating IBM Lotus Product Wiki -- blow the dust off of your old go-to articles and help bring a new

To become a participating website...

You can help (of course) by spreading the word in the community, and you can even go as far as displaying the Wiki Madness 2010 New Submission Widget on your website!

Simply enter the following markup on your site (where you wish to display the widget) and it will create a 180 pixel-wide banner-style submission form:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You can see an example of this banner online at and the IBM Lotus Technical Information and Education Team Blog (proof you can easily customize your IBM Lotus Connections-based Weblog!).

...but what's in it for me?!

Well, aside from entry in the multiple Prize Pack giveaways, each IBM Lotus Wiki contribution counts towards your IBM developerWorks Author Recognition Program designation.

From the aforementioned LTIE Team Blog:

To get recognition points for your wiki contributions through this program, follow these steps:
  1. Send an email to me, to register your article. Include the following:
    • Title of your article
    • Short abstract of your article
    • Target date for when your article will be available in the wiki
  2. After I receive your e-mail, I'll contact you and we'll work together to get your article published in the appropriate wiki.
  3. Ensure you follow the writer guidelines on developerWorks, specifically the section titled "Style".
  4. Write an article that is over 2500 words in length.

(Read more about this program from the original LTIEC Blog post...)

And aside from community contribution and IBM recognition, your article will gain a larger audience and you will further define your specific subject matter expertise. That's win-Win-WIN!

David and I will be posting more information about the Prize Packs soon, but we have full licenses of several must-have products, podcast archive CDs, tons of yellowverse swag, t-shirts, and a few custom things that David is putting together that makes me want to snag a Prize Pack before they're all gone!

To become a Sponsor...

Want to help contribute via donation of giveaway items for our Prize Packs? Check out the Wiki Madness Sponsor Information for more details, and join the ever-growing list of Lotus Online Community-friendly IBM Business Partners who are donating products, services, and more to the cause!

Deadline: March 31st, 2010

The deadline for submission is March 31st, 2010, and you can enter as many times as you'd like! Since we are picking winners at random name in a hat-style, the more entries with your name as the author gives you even more of a chance to walk away the recipient of a Prize Pack.

So help spread the word, submit often, and good luck!

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